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Technical Interview

Every professional wants to be at the top of their field. And I’m on my way there.

I recently went to an interview that didn’t go as planned….

It was a completely different interview format from what I was used to. Usually I am with an HR member and a lead developer and they ask a couple of vague questions about coding that I answer correctly. I, personally always found interviews to be about your personality and to see if you could get along with your co workers.

This interview was not like that.

I had a list of technical questions I reviewed before hand. I thought I had a pretty good understanding. But when the interviewers asked me to elaborate on my answers, I couldn’t. I had an understanding of what the code means, but couldn’t really explain how I would use them (since I hadn’t use them in a professional context).

I had bombed my first technical interview and it did not feel good.

But it made me realize I needed to upgrade my skills as a developer.For most of my career have been all clients focused. So my skills are all around about what that client wanted at that time. Some times I would discover new things, but mostly it was projects that I couldn’t carry with me.

What I learned from my interview is that I needed to “Go back to School.” If I want to continue to rise in my field, I can’t just wait and hope for a job with show me the way. I need to challenge myself on my own.

My first step is GitHub. There I will be able to show case my progress.

My hair is wild

Earlier in the year I talked about my mental health issues and dealing with work. You can view my articles on the Kitestring blog and also being referenced in the Hamilton Spectator.

My hair is wild.

Would you talk about your mental health issues?

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